6 Exact Reasons For Bad breath!! Check Them Out!!

Dealing with bad breath or halitosis is horrible. You need to get out of the situation otherwise; you will find it pretty hard to stand close to your near and dear ones. There are many solutions available in the market, but you need to know the exact reason and find out the odor offenders. In general, people do feel, the gums and mints will quickly solve the problem, but the reality is a lot different.  These products will only act as masks and will not get rid of the cause. Here it is worth mentioning; indeed, halitosis could only be adequately treated when you fight against the odor cause rather than just odor.

Right Reasons For Bad breath:

  1. Food Particles and Bacteria – Decaying food particles along with bacteria are one of the prime sources of halitosis. When you follow bad oral hygiene, there is every possibility of food particles remaining in your mouth and leading to bacteria growth.  Bacteria growth will not only lead to tooth decay, but it will also result in persistent bad breath. Similarly, when dentures are left dirty, they will only act as a home for the growth of odor offenders. Now, to get rid of bacteria, you must thoroughly brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  2. Fasting – People worldwide are trying to lose weight and look to follow a low-carb diet. It seems like making an attempt to lose weight could easily result in bad-smelling breath. A low-carb diet plan, when followed for a long time, will force your body to generate energy by breaking down the fats and thus releasing ketones. Ketones smell really bad and cause halitosis.
  3. Tobacco Products Or Smoking – The consumption of tobacco products or excessive smoking will make you smell like an ashtray. You need to understand, when you smoke for a long time it will result in excessive growth of odor-causing bacteria.
  4. Excessive Drinking – Excessive drinking will force your body to produce metabolized products present in the alcohol via lungs or sweat. Drinking is also responsible for dehydration and will further dry your mouth. Alcohol consumption is an excessive amount that will not only produce odor from your skin but from your mouth too.
  5. Respiratory Infections – If you are dealing with common respiratory tract infections like cold, sinusitis or more, the bad breath issue will emerge. It is mainly due to the constant release of sinus and bacteria-laden nasal.  Getting rid of respiratory infections is not hard and such infections will only act as the short-term reasons behind halitosis.
  6. Uncontrolled Diabetes – People who find it hard to control diabetes suffer from ketone breath. Diabetes leads to burning fat rather than glucose thus resulting in halitosis.


We have indeed shared out the most crucial reasons behind the bad, and you need to figure out the one behind your lousy mouth smell. Once you are done with the cause, it is pretty easy indeed to remove it out and enjoy excellent mouth fragrance for the rest of your life.

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