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A new Norfolk dating show set to air on Amazon Prime in 2022 is seeking singles.

Fantastic news for singles living in Norfolk since the new show focuses exclusively on finding the one they want to

In our modern times’ dating isn’t an easy task. Many dating apps and a limited amount of time. Does it need to be that complicated? There’s good news for Norfolk singles as a modern Amazon Prime dating show will concentrate on finding them the one they truly love.

Norfolk Dates is coming to the streaming platform in 2022. The show hopes to provide viewers with an idea of the experience of a meet in the beautiful County of Norfolk.

The search is underway for the perfect couple as the program has previously expressed its delight in the variety and quantity of individuals who have reached out to them.

Anyone aged 18 or older is eligible to join in regardless of sexual orientation, and at least one member of the couples on the date must be a resident of Norfolk. So those who aren’t located in Norfolk can still participate.

As opposed to a similar dating show, Norfolk Dates is dedicated to being as transparent as is possible. The dates are factual, providing viewers with an authentic view of what it’s like to be a date in Norfolk and let some viewers know that the world of dating isn’t as scary as they might imagine.’

There is a person to help everyone, and we are here to assist!

The first episode will be shot at The Duke of Delhi restaurant in Saxlingham Thorpe, on the edge of Norwich.

The meeting is also expected to be free. If successful matches continue to be in touch after the show and discover they are in a happy relationship, they’re advised to stay in touch since the show could have them appear on one of its subsequent shows already being planned.

The follow-up show will give the couple an all-inclusive weekend getaway! Thanks to the Norfolk Belles, the lucky couple will be taken away with Silverline Limousines in one of their luxurious transport vehicles and served sparkling wine!

Norfolk Dates are searching for singletons in Norfolk (Image: Norfolk Dates)

The startling news about Norfolk Dates is a dream coming to life for the show’s co-creators and their close friends Steven Ashcroft, 34, and Mo Ali, 41, who started Norfolk Dates as a YouTube show in the year 2019 after three episodes of pilots. The show was so popular that it didn’t take long before the most popular streaming service Amazon Prime paid an interest.

They hope that they can meet many couples in love and have lots of fun on a no-cost date.

The process of matching the most successful candidates will be conducted using Norfolk Dates. Norfolk Dates app will be available for download shortly.

It will include a swipe-to-match feature that is exclusively for the show. Candidates will be able to meet, match and converse with singles in Norfolk to submit their applications to the show together!

Once they have found a match, they can communicate and book for casting through the “contact us” section of the app.

Singles can also sign up for a blind date. Additionally, it will have a singles community to meet new people. The app will be completely free to download and use. It is an update after two apps previously made available for their YouTube show experienced technical difficulties.

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