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All the causes I would say I hate Trump

All the causes I would say I hate Trump Pity-bad Republicans. They have just one controversy remaining to protect President I hate trump from harming the presidency’s powers by appealing to a foreign power to intervene within an American election. Usually, the one transgression our Founding Men anticipated most. Nevertheless that he is protected in disgrace as only the next leader within our history to be impeached. It’s all they have got left.

They cannot state Mr. Trump did not ask the leader of Ukraine to examine his probably political opponent because Mr. Trump admits he did. They cannot deny it was a quid pro quo because Ambassador Gordon Sunland, Mr. Trump’s person in Ukraine, testified below the promise it was. They cannot state the whistleblower lied because 13 witnesses and papers introduced by the White House confirm that everything he alleged in his complaint works.

Pity-bad Republicans. They are stuck with one lame controversy: that these seeking to impeach Mr. Trump are doing this only because, as Sen. Rand Henry insists, “they don’t really like Trump or his demeanor.” Or, worse yet, simply because they loathe him. Even in his rambling, incoherent, demented six-page letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the eve of the impeachment vote, Mr. Trump accused her of acting only because of “your violence of me.”

It’s one of many earliest and cheapest shots in politics: If you argue with someone, it’s only because you loathe them. We hear it all the time from people of both parties. When I opposed George W. Bush’s intrusion of Iraq, I was accused of being a “Bush hater.” When countless Democrats supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 principal, they indeed were derided as “Clinton haters.” Mr. Trump herself, however, insists that the FBI investigation into his connections to Russia during the 2016 campaign was triggered by “Trump haters.” Nonsense.

Which is why Ms. Pelosi reacted with such fury when Wayne Rosen of Sinclair News shouted out: “Can you loathe the leader, Madam Speaker?” Ms. Pelosi shot right back: “As a Catholic, I resent your utilizing the term ‘loathe in a phrase that handles me. I don’t loathe anyone.”

Ike Ms. Pelosi, I have raised a Catholic. Like Ms. Pelosi, I believe in Christ’s influence in the gospels: “You have heard that it was claimed, ‘Love your neighbor and loathe your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and wish for folks who persecute you.” And, like Ms. Pelosi, I don’t loathe Mr. Trump. But I must admit, I wouldn’t say I like plenty of reasons for him.

I loathe the fact we have an uncouth, improper, white supremacist, misogynist, xenophobic, successive sexual abuser, pathological liar, and scientific ignoramus in the Oval Office.

I wouldn’t say I like the fact the leader of the United States is no more someone parents may point out as a functioning product for their children. Most parents wouldn’t also ask him around for supper, afraid of what he could state in front of their children.

I loathe the fact leaders of the free earth make enjoyment of our leader while joking at him — and us.

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I wouldn’t say I like the fact Mr. Trump snubs democratic leaders like Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, and Emanuel Macron, while French-kissing Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung-Un, Recap Tanya Endogen, and Rodrigo Deterge.

I wouldn’t say I like the fact you cannot feel a word our leader says. Based on the Washington Article, by December 10, his 1,055th day in office, Mr. Trump had created 15,413 “false or deceptive statements” — more than increasing in 2019 the lies he told in 2017 and 2018 combined. And nobody cares.

I loathe the fact, below Mr. Trump, the press, however, feels required to cover both parties equally, when one part is packed with facts, and one other is just lies.

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