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Android Spy App: A Precautionary Guard For Employers Against Lawsuits

Android Spy App

How Android spy app helps employers to track their employee’s mobile? No company or business wants to go through any kind of lawsuit. It is not necessary whether you run a large corporation or a small business, anything that involves legal formalities are bad for the employees as well as the company and its reputation.

It is often a frustrating and long process that costs time and money and we all know both these commodities are very important in the present economic state. Hiring one wrong person can cost millions to the company so to avoid such circumstances it is important to follow the protocols right from the start. That includes the hiring of competent employees with full background checks and then monitoring of workforce efficiently so that anyone doing any unethical or illegal work can be caught red-handed.

Any kind of negligence regarding this can result in destructive outcomes. We are here to discuss some tips and tricks about how an organization or employers can protect themselves from lawsuits. Besides other methods and precautionary measures, one of the latest trends is to use Android spy apps like the OgyMogy. The use of employee monitoring apps can act as a strong precautionary guard for the employer’s community.

How Android spy app helps?

Assurance Of Fair Hiring Procedure:

Assurance of fair hiring procedure is necessary for competent employees.

  • Study shows that one-third of resumes contain fabricated information in one way or another, moreover screening shows around 10% applicants with some kind of a criminal record.

No organization in the right mind will want to hire people who have a criminal record. It’s because, in case of any problem caused by the same employee, you and your organization will be held accountable for their acts. OgyMogy android spy app can help you monitor all the hiring procedures with just a few clicks. Install the app in the employee’s gadgets, especially those who are responsible to hire new employees. Now you can monitor all of their screen activities live or in the form of short videos and snapshots. Make sure no employees are making their way into the company through any shortcut by using the hiring committee. Keep all the details under your surveillance efficiently and remotely.

Monitoring Of Employees Daily Routine Task:

Once hired, assure that you especially keep them under strict monitoring eye for a while. You can use custom methods to do that or can check their daily or weekly task reports and updates with a screen monitoring feature for Mac and Windows versions. OgyMogy android spy app allows monitoring of company-owned cellphones as well.

Eyes And Ears On Official And Unofficial Meetings:

You can follow the hiring committee steps and have ears and eyes on official and unofficial meetings. With the Mic bug and camera bug feature, you can not only listen to all the discussions and sounds happening around the offices and new employees but can also watch them as well. The camera bug feature helps you capture any wrongdoing with proof. You can take action right away against the respective employee so that it does not get complicated any further.

Know About Any Suspicious Act:

Track your employee’s location, whereabouts, and history with the location tracking feature of the OgyMogy android spy app. Any suspicious meeting place will be flagged out by the spy app and you can further investigate the respective employee or employees to clear or confirm the suspicions.

Monitor Email and Messenger Correspondence:

Email and messenger monitoring is a necessary measure to catch any loophole security of the workplace. Android monitoring app offers email monitoring and instant messenger monitoring features that can help employers to have insights about received and sent email and text messages. You can check the attachment history details, and can even follow the media shared through instant messenger chat apps of the employees.  Track any sharing of confidential information or documents through emails or messengers apps. The app monitoring feature includes the Whatsapp spy app, Telegram spy app, IMO spy app, Kik spy app, Viber spy app, Hangout spy app, Line spy app, and more.

Keylogging for Account and Password Details:

In case if you are suspicious that some employees are not following the rules and regulations for hiring. The selection of new employees is not on merit which by the way is a risky measure in terms of lawsuits then you can monitor it by yourself by using the keylogging feature.

Check out employee monitoring features in detail from

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