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Announcing the initial Insider for Windows 11

Announcing the initial Insider for Windows 11 Hello Windows Insiders, we’re excited to release the initial Windows 11 Insider Preview build to the Dev Channel, Build 22000.51! Once we finalize the item in the coming months, we will continue to work with one to validate the experience. You will get to try many, but not absolutely all, of the new features, we showed the other day in this early preview. We will bring more features such as, for example, Chat with Microsoft Teams and Android apps in the Microsoft Store in the coming months since they are ready for you – we’re just starting with this journey together!

If you haven’t yet, make sure to read our article on what the Windows 11 hardware requirements may impact flighting in your PC and your options to obtain started.

We anticipate your feedback on what you love and could love more to make Windows 11 work best for how you work, learn, and play.

Beautiful, fresh, calm visuals and sounds

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From rounded corners to the centering of content and new animations, this new visual design extends across multiple areas of Windows 11. Here are some key highlights you will see after installing this build:

Start: Start puts everything required in your PC in the middle with some pinned apps and a cloud-powered “Recommended” section that shows your recently opened files from both your PC and across your devices like your smartphone with OneDrive.

Taskbar: The Taskbar is also centered with beautiful new animations. Try pinning, launching, switching, minimizing, and rearranging your apps on Taskbar to start to see the beautiful new animations.

Notification Center & Quick Settings: The lower right corner of Taskbar has a Notification Center (WIN + N) and Quick Settings (WIN + A). Notification Center is your home for all your notifications in the OS and a full-month calendar view. Quick Settings is the place for you to manage standard PC settings quickly and easily, like Volume, Brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Focus Assist. Directly above your Quick Settings, you will see media playback controls when playing music or videos in Microsoft Edge or streaming music in apps like Spotify.

File Explorer: We made File Explorer modern with an unmistakable look and a brand-new command bar. We’ve also introduced beautifully designed context menus when right-clicking in File Explorer or on your desktop. App developers will have the ability to extend the new context menus. We work to publish documentation for app developers on how best to do this with their apps soon.

Themes: Along with utterly new default themes for Windows 11 for both dark and light mode, it also includes four additional pieces so you can make Windows feel how you want it to. All the new themes were designed to fit the centered Taskbar. We’ve also added new contrast themes for those with visual impairments, such as light sensitivity. To alter your article, just right-click on your desktop and choose “Personalize”

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Sounds: The sounds in Windows 11 have already been made to be lighter and more atmospheric. They are also slightly different based on whether your Windows theme is in dark mode or light mode. The startup sound for Windows also makes its return in which you’ll hear whenever your PC boots as much as the Lock screen and is all set for you to log in.


Try out these Google features on your new iPhone

Widgets bring you closer to the information you both want and need. Just click the widget’s icon on the Taskbar, swipe from the left using touch, or hit WIN + W on your keyboard, and your devices slide out of the leftover desktop. You can personalize your experience by adding or removing widgets, rearranging, resizing, and customizing the content. The group of devices we provide currently focus on your calendar, weather, local traffic, your Microsoft Make lists, your photos from OneDrive, sports and esports, your stock watchlist, and tips.

Along with your Widgets, you can stay current, having an integrated feed of personalized news with the newest content from over 4,500 global brands like The New York Times or BBC. The headlines will adapt to show stories of interest to you, and you can tune them to see more of the content you care about.


Multitasking: A Good or Bad Thing to Do?

Increase your productivity and creativity with these new multitasking features:

Snap layouts: Hover your mouse over a window’s maximize button to see available snap layouts, then click on a region to snap the window. You’ll then be guided to snap windows to the remaining portion of the zones within the form with the headed snap assist. For smaller screens, you will be offered some four snap layouts. You can even invoke the snap layouts flyout with the WIN + Z keyboard shortcut.

Snap groups: Snap groups are ways to switch back to your snapped windows quickly. To test this out, snap together at the least two app windows on your screen. Hover over one of these brilliant open apps on the Taskbar to obtain the snap group and click to switch back quickly.

Desktops: Access your Desktops via Task View (WIN + Tab) on the Taskbar. You can reorder and customize the backgrounds for each of your Desktops. You can even mouse-over Task View on the Taskbar to quickly use your existing Desktops or create a new one!

With today’s build, you will have the ability to experience an early preview of the new Microsoft Store. We’ll continue to create and refine the Store. This build reveals a first look at the Store’s all-new design; in the coming months, you’ll see us add other features detailed in last week’s article from Giorgio Sardo, GM for Microsoft Store.

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