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Apple MacBook Air: Pros And Cons You Need To Know

Apple MacBook Air: Pros And Cons You Need To Know the industry share of 11 inch MacBook Air launched in 2016. MacBook Air will come in three different shades- silver, gold, and space grey. MacBook Air is claimed to be the greenest MacBook ever since it comprises 100 percent recycled Aluminium.

Apple owners boast a brilliant retina display, all-day battery life, force touch trackpad, Touch ID, and latest-generation keyboard. Now here lies the issue. The iconic laptop offers several complaints about the keyboard. Apple has officially accepted the MacBook keyboard issues. The butterfly keyboard of the MacBook is a problematic issue since its arrival. As per various reports and complaints, the butterfly switch keyboards arena aren’t correctly fixed. The space bars enter with two spaces while clicking, and that is happening with both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Arriving at the sales point of view, MacBook Air has been one of the highest-selling laptops because lightweight features. The iconic design and high light body have caused it to be a big hit amongst all youngsters and corporate people. The hardware specifications are suited to both professionals and students. MacBook Air in India includes a high price tag. So before you decide, you will need to think about the

MacBook Air is Environment-Friendly and Recyclable

Il Mac mini immaginato in un nuovo concept con la Magic Keyboard e Apple Display | iSpazio

As per the latest Model of 2018, MacBook Air is a green complaint; if you all are nature conscious and desire to donate to heart, you must choose this laptop. The iconic laptop features a thin edge since it is designed from 100 percent recycled aluminum. The “feel well factor” of contributing to nature will soon be always there with you!

Brilliant Retina Display

Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD Storage) - Space Gray (Latest Model) - ColorMag Wild Magazine

The impressive display features a high res of 2560X1600 with 4 million pixels, resulting in a sharp and eye-pleasing display and is simply jaw-dropping. It’sIt’s forty-eight percent more colors compared to the previous Model. The razor-sharp text clarity is praiseworthy. The collection has fifty percent thinner borders, and it gives an excellent display experience.

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Latest-Generation Keyboard with a Force Touch Trackpad

Though you can find few complaints about MacBook keyboard issues, still many love it. The unique touch bar allows you more space for one other key. Although the new layout may take care of getting used to, it is appreciated while the keys arena isn’t loud.

Now, there there’s a little twist, which can again be viewed as a disadvantage by some people. The brand new MacBook Air does not need a touch sensitivity display; instead, they have provided an increased trackpad model with 4.7″ X 3″ that has made this product very user-friendly.

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Security via Touch ID

How to set up and use Touch ID on your Mac

The brand new MacBook Air 2018 has an incredible Touch ID feature. There’sThere’s a small sensor that turns your fingerprint into a password. Here Touch ID is not only used to unlock your MacBook Air but it is also used to safeguard your documents and other settings on your computer. Even folks who are doing online shopping through Apple Pay can use this fingerprint sensor to ensure payment.

The Lighter Model

The brand new MacBook Air is extremely lightweight and weighs just 1.25 kgs, the same as three iPhones! It’sIt’s highly portable.

Better Sound Than Any Other MacBook

The latest MacBook Air has 2x more bass, which supplies a fuller sound with a more extensive range, resulting in 25 % more volume than the last Model.

The Elegant Look

Best laptop stands for Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air - Macworld UK

Laden with Necessary Applications

The brand new MacBook Air comes with some necessary inbuilt apps such as Safari, page numbers, Keynote, Calendar, Maps, video editing app iMovie, and music production app GarageBand, Facetime for text and video messaging, Mail and Message.

Slow Performance

The slow performance has been one of the most significant drawbacks of the MacBook Air. It’sIt’s been counted as below average as it pertains to speed performance. Even several inexpensive computers have better speed than MacBook Air. Though it is stated that the MacBook Air has been created for casual computing and not for intensive tasks, it can still handle most average tasks quickly and smoothly.

High Priced

MacBook Air has been launched with some extra unique features, and additional features mean a higher price. The most recent Model starts for Rs. 1,14,900. For a 13-inch Non-Retina display, MacBook Air costs 84,900. And globally, the buying price of complete series of MacBook Air got increased to $1199 because of increased demand.

Limited Storage Capacity

Despite higher cost, there there’s not enough storage capacity. The bottom Model comes with only a 128 GB SSD. If you’re a photographer or have to store lots of videos, then space will not be adequate for you. But here is the twist, for those who use Cloud to store their files for them, Apple MacBook Air can be a good choice. And still, if you want some extra space you’veyou’ve to choose an external hard drive.

Limited Hardware Upgrade

The hardware upgradeability is limited in the new MacBook Air 2018 model. The memory and the aspects of the processor are soldered inside a single circuit. There’sThere’s a scope of customization before purchase, but later on, there’sthere’s no room for memory, processor and storage upgrades.


Our conclusion after weighing all of the

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is that the latest Model is just a worthy buy for many college goers and professionals, those that choose a sleek model with better visibility. It is not for rigorous users who require larger data and processing capacity. There are lots of unique features that MacBook Air 2018 has come up with for their fans. The price tag on Apple series is always higher when compared with other brands available in the market but features a huge brand value so those who love Apple and have a craze for the brand really can go for this.

Still, there can be several issues that can be faced by you while using your MacBook Air, in which case you can contact the nearest authorized service center. Here is what all should be considered before hiring a MacBook repair expert:

You need to be well conscious of the reputation and feedback of the service center.

You ought to get to know what all services do they provide.

Be sure that the staff and technicians are experienced and have in-depth knowledge about the product.



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