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Christian Louboutin Heels

Christian Louboutin Heels a young apprentice in the dressing rooms of the Folies-Berger, the famed Parisian music hall, Louboutin was impressed with the capability of the showgirls to keep sure-footed while wearing huge headdresses; it had been then, in the first 1980s that he realized the strength of his interest in footwear design. Following his apprenticeship at the Folies-Berger, Louboutin gained experience through periodic work for the venerable Paris shoe brand Charles Jourdan with the master shoe designer Roger Vizier—who became Louboutin’s mentor—and as a custom for the fashion houses formed by Coco Chanel, Maud Freson, and Yves Saint Laurent.

In 1992 Louboutin launched their own business in Paris, where he continued to utilize the boutique and design atelier as his headquarters. He developed an unmistakable signature by giving all his shoes bright red soles. An average pair of his luxury shoes might also have a stiletto heel and upper elements of colored leather or exotic reptile skins; prices averaged about $800 a couple.

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The influential industry journal Footwear News noted that Louboutin’s trademark red soles were a “subtle status symbol” and were much more alluring compared to the overt branding of the big-name luxury brands. Differing stories had been offered for the origin of the colored soles, but Louboutin said that an assistant’s red nail polish inspired the hue. He decided to use red on all his soles, reasoning that “red is higher than a color. It is a symbol of love, of blood, of passion.”

Louboutin maintained a top profile on the international fashion scene in the first 21st century, opening a European flagship boutique on London’s Mount Street and additional stores such cities as Jakarta, Las Vegas, Paris, Tokyo, and Singapore. He also began expanding his brand. In 2003 he launched a handbag line, and this decade he started selling cosmetics, notably lipstick and nail polish. He introduced several fragrances in 2016.

Despite such new lines, shoes remained Louboutin’s focus. In 2008 the initial exhibition devoted to his creations, “Sole Desire: The Shoes of Christian Louboutin,” opened at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Another (“Exhibition [inset],” 2020) was co-organized by the designer and held at the Palais de la Porte Dore, Paris



Louboutin spent my youth in Paris. As he spent his time sketching shoes rather than studying, he was reportedly expelled from three schools. Although he is not formally trained, he attended Académie dearth Roediger to study drawing and decorative arts. Having tried to escape as a teen to Egypt and India, Louboutin returned to Paris with a portfolio filled with sketches of fantastical heels.

After approaching all the major couture houses along with his portfolio, Louboutin started his career at Charles Jourdan, one of Paris and the world’s most respected shoemakers. Louboutin left Charles Jourdan to act as a freelance designer, working for Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Roger Vivier.

Christian Louboutin opened his first store in Paris in 1992; his red-soled shoes, handcrafted in Italy, were soon adopted by Hollywood actresses and Paris fashion establishments. The designer believes that his shoes can “make a female look sexy, beautiful, to produce her legs look so long as [he] can.”

The designer has collaborated with famous brands Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Victor & Rolf, Roland Mouret, and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Louboutin designed the sandals for Saint Laurent’s final runway collection, which eventually led to a legal battle regarding trademarking within the red soles of the shoes. In 2014, Louboutin launched a beauty line and signed a beauty license with Puig 2018.

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