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jozy Altidore back once again to the team after a freeze out

jozy Altidore back once again to the team after a freeze out

What role did Aromas ‘firing play?

Joshua Loke, Toronto FC staff writer: With a brand new interim coach in Javier Perez, there appears to be always a clean slate for Altidore to resume his role in Toronto FC’s attack. Aram’s system that required forwards to press off the ball with a steady pace was at odds with how Altidore plays the game as a forward who uses his size to carry up play.

Toward the end of his tenure, Armas declined to answer questions about Altidore, and it appeared their rift had no result in sight. But with the departure of Armas, cooler heads seem to possess prevailed. Altidore has continually wanted to get back in the lineup, and he now likely has that chance.

What role could he play for TFC this year?

Kloke: TFC needs goals. Their 16 goals in 12 games rank in the middle of the Eastern Conference. With forward Ayo Akinola on international duty through the Gold Cup, TFC will require Altidore to regain his form from his earlier seasons with the club and quickly.

While he may not come from TFC’s next game, given he has not played since May 22, he could slowly work long ago into match fitness and the lineup soon afterward. If Perez can figure out how to get both Akinola and Altidore together in the lineup and keep Altidore healthy, TFC’s attack immediately looks more potent.

The U.S. international also weighed in on the racist abuse some England players received on social networking after their shootout loss against Italy in the Euro final. Marcus Rushford, Boakye Saka, and Jadon Sancho all had spot-kicks saved or missed.

“Yeah, it’s disappointing. It is extremely disappointing,” Altidore said. “You know these boys have because of their short careers — a number of them not so short — even though they’re very young, have inked some good things for English football, for world football, if it is Marcus Rushford and what he’s prepared for his community. Saka is just a young boy who had the guts to state I’ll have a penalty,’ when there were others on that pitch that maybe would bring it before him. So, for him to go during that, it isn’t enjoyable for them to have to go during that.

“I’ve spoken to Raheem and FIFA conversations about racism and heard his desire for it, and I am aware he’s a man that’s dedicated a lot of time and energy to attempting to turn this whole thing around. It isn’t delightful. But we’ve said it, how often now, for the length of time? Sooner or later, something needs to change. And you see that the English team was taking significant steps with kneeling and getting booed by their particular fans.

“They’re right in the thick of it, but it’s on everybody else to guide those guys, those players and help those fans, not only English fans but fans all over the world to recognize that these things are prohibited anymore.”

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With regards to how soon he’ll contribute on the field, Altidore said gaining sharpness in a group setting will need some time.

While Altidore has been part of TFC’s greatest successes, including a treble-winning season in 2017, injuries have reduced his effectiveness in recent seasons. For this reason, it has been an open secret that Toronto has been eager to go Altidore and be reduce to his Designated Player contract that, based on the MLS Players Association, pays him $3.6 million per year in guaranteed compensation. When asked about reports of him wanting to go on, Altidore didn’t dispute the notion but added he’s eager to get back on the field.

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