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Designing Elegant Pre-Roll Packaging: A Guide for Your Next Campaign

If you are in the business of producing CBD pre-rolls, then you know that a good package design can make all the difference. A well-designed package will help to create an elegant and eye-catching product for your customers. But do you know what does it take to design an elegant pre-roll packaging?

If not, then this blog post is here to answer that question. We will go through some tips and tricks for designing beautiful Pre-Roll Box Packaging. Using these tips, you will get a better understanding of the design philosophy of pre-roll packaging, and you will be able to design the best packaging boxes for your business. Those tips are:

Pre-Roll Box Packaging

Pre-Roll Box Packaging

Use Clear Packaging:

Clear packaging is a great way to show off your product. For example, pre-rolls are usually sold in clear containers where you can see the contents inside. This gives customers an idea of what they’re going to get before purchasing it and increases brand recognition for your business because consumers will be able to recognize your company’s logo on the package from afar. This makes customer decision-making easier.

With that said, white or lighter colors might not work very well with clear packaging as products. So, if you want a clearer, more attractive appearance, then try darker shades such as navy blue and others.

The Package Size:

Packaging designs should be in the range of 40-60mm long and 20-40 mm wide. This makes the package more elegant looking, easy to hold for customers, and packs many CBD pre-rolls inside. It’s best not to make them any smaller than this or larger than this because they can easily become too small or too large, which may cause your product packaging design to lose its aesthetics.

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You’ll want an opening size that is at least 30x30mm so people don’t have trouble using their fingers to pull out and roll up these pre-rolls with ease. You do not want something like 15x15mm, as it will take forever for someone who has arthritis to get the pre-roll out and roll it up.

The Design:

Designs are very important for your CBD product packaging because if you don’t design a catchy package, people will not be interested in what’s inside. You want something that stands out on store shelves so customers can find your products easily.

To create an elegant-looking pre-roll, try using various shades of colors such as red or green. Play around with patterns, too, like stripes and polka dots to make them appear more attractive when placed next to other items on a shelf. For example, this one has a cream background with red flowers scattered across the packaging, which matches well with their brand image since they have some form of flower symbol throughout their logo.

It will give an eye-catchy look to the packaging box. Another way to make something eye-catching is by using a good quote or phrase on the packaging. A popular one that we would recommend you use for your CBD pre-rolls. It is a useful method to enhance your product’s sales.

Use Branding Colors:

If you want your packaging to stand out on the shelf, use similar or complementary colors to your brand’s color palette. For example, if you have a red logo with gold accents, try using red shades such as scarlet or burgundy for your pre-roll packaging.

With these colors, you can establish a unique identity for your business in the market. Be persistent with your branding colors and use them in your advertising themes and on other platforms like your company’s website, social media posts, etc.

Use Elegant Fonts:

At the center of every elegant package, design is typefaces that set a tone for what is inside. Choosing an elegant font can do wonders to elevate your product’s branding and make it immediately more appealing to customers. If you want something modern, try choosing a font like Helvetica or Futura. If you want something more traditional, try using Times New Roman or Garamond.

Other than this, you can get help from a calligrapher in designing a special font style for your brand. You can hire a freelancer for this purpose, or you can get help from your packaging supplier for this job. Every renowned brand uses a unique font style which makes them different from its competitors.

These day market shelves are loaded with tons of products, and the customer often confuses about finding the right brand, but these unique fonts and colors help them to find your goods from the product’s ocean. This thing helps you in boosting your business and generating more capital from it.

Eliminate Distractions:

In order to keep your eye on the prize and make sure that your product’s packaging stands out from the sea of competitors in stores, it is important to eliminate any unnecessary distractions by limiting text outside of logos and slogans, for example. A cluttered package can be distracting because too much information draws attention away from what really matters.

Instead, use white space within an elegant design layout to create clean but powerful messaging through color contrast around images, etc. This will help set your brand apart while still maintaining high levels of sophistication with uncluttered content inside.

Find a Trusted Packaging Supplier

It’s important that you work with a reputable company like Stampa Prints for your packaging. You want to make sure you’re going with someone who has experience in the industry and can provide quality materials at an affordable price. A good supplier will be able to give your ideas tailored towards what is best for your product while also being open to new changes or suggestions from their clientele as well. It may take some time, but it’ll be worth it when all of your hard work pays off to you.


A great way to promote your business and get people psyched about buying from you is through elegant, well-designed pre-roll packages. You can grab more customers with creative designs and catchy phrases. You can easily get your desired results by following the above-mentioned tips, so why not give it a try? Go ahead design those pre-roll boxes now.

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