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Diono Radian RXT – An Introduction!

Elegant! Stylish! Safe! Total Comfort! I am sure these words are sufficient to describe my recently purchased convertible car seat – Diono Radian RXT. Generally, I don’t like to leave long product reviews as it is pretty hard to impress me. This time with Diono Radian RXT, I need to take some time out and write a detailed review just to help out the parents who have been searching for a convertible car seat for their kids.

Personal Experience

In order to start with I would love to say big THANKS to the company Diono who really designed such a nice looking comfortable and safe car seat. The product has all the safety elements which make it perfect for dealing with some serious accidents and crashes. Sadly it happened with my wife and 10-month old son. Well, they both met a terrible car accident just a few days ago and that due to the negligence of another driver who was drunk and driving rashly. Fortunately, my son was buckled with the Diono Radian RXT convertible when two cars collided. According to my wife she was driving around 50mph when she hit the other car. Thanks to the convertible car seat which did the job with perfection and my son went through the horrible time only with a little rub on his neck.

Surely we took our son to the nearby hospital and Dr. said he is completely fine and we have nothing to worry. I am not sure whether it was pure magic or the excellent results of Diono Radian RXT. I think we can’t predict the magic but it is always nice to be on the safe side and get certain products for our kids that really make them safe and comfortable. We took the right decision for our kid and got rewards. I am not saying you need to meet an accident in order to justify the importance of a good convertible car seat but still such miss happenings are bound to occur in our fast paced life.

My review is not all about sharing my personal experience but here I would love to mention some pros and cons (which are hard to find but will try) of the product. All you need to go through the information carefully and decide whether the convertible seat will work for you or not?


  1.   Most advanced safety features: Buying a convertible seat is not all about attractive design and comfort. When I got it my main focus was SAFETY. Yes, I ensure comfort but still I really wanted my son to be safe while we are driving at a rapid pace. The convertible seat has a full steel frame which has the potential to take severe crash forces with ease. Aluminum is perfect reinforced in the side walls and head of your child is finely supported with thick energy absorbing EPS foam. The EPS foam is perfectly designed to safeguard your kid from side impact. Apart from all this, the seat is equipped with safe stop energy absorbing harness which will easily provide complete protection to my child even in the forward-facing position.
  2.   Perfect design suitable for growing kids – I am extremely pleased to say, there is no need to buy another convertible seat for my growing son. It will definitely adapt to my child till he weighs 45 pounds which are just massive. With nothing to invest for such a long time, I think I have invested in the perfect product. It is so affordable now!! Another huge benefit of buying the convertible seat is its exceptionally slim profile. Well, Diono Radian RXT easily fit three across my vehicle there seems to no shortage of space anytime.


  1.   Nothing. I doubt I will be able to find any negative side after the convertible seat saved my child from miserable car accidents. THUMPS UP!!


Finally, I am concluding my long review now! All positives nothing negative from my side about Diono Radian RXT. It is an exceptional convertible seat to own which will not only safeguard your child but also provide the best possible comfortable environment to enjoy.

My son enjoys it and that’s what makes me so satisfied. I can drive for hours without any concerns. Even, my wife says this is the best gift I have given to our son and that really makes me feel proud. Diono Radian RXT means safety and comfort which my child will cherish for very long time. CHEERS!!

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