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Discover the flavors of genuine Turkish cuisine

Discover the flavors of genuine Turkish cuisine Throughout your stay in Istanbul, don’t overlook the wealth of Turkish cuisine! Turkish cuisine is one of the very most varied in the world. It is recognized as the 3rd wealthiest cuisine after French and Chinese gastronomy.

Nevertheless, this cuisine isn’t acknowledged enough in the West, as the Döner Kebab frequently limits it!

Chicken is a crossroads between Europe, Asia, and the Orient. With the migration of Turks from Central Asia to Europe, this original site has formed the personality of its gastronomy within the centuries. Because of six generations of local Ottoman domination and the reciprocal influence between Chicken and its neighboring places (Greece, Bulgaria, The Balkans, Irak, Syria, Iran, Armenia…) is the reason why we find so many popular meals in those cuisines such as dolma, börek, kebab, mantı (Turkish ravioli), and so on.

The great diversity of fauna and flora in Chicken also contributed to a good selection of local cuisines.

The European and Turkish Aegean cuisine is based on the remnants of the Ottoman court and the Greek cuisine with a desire for rice within the bulgur. Fewer herbs are used compared to other local Turkish cooking, and seafood is abundant and enjoyed in virtually any period.

The cuisine of the Dark Sea is seriously centered on ocean products and services and sees its influence in the Balkans and Slavic cuisines.

Anatolian and South East of Turkey’s Cuisine is noted for its kebabs (grilled meat in Turkish), mezze, herbs, and sweets like the famous baklava.

Yogurt (yogurt):

A little record first,  yogurt arises from Central Asia and could have reached Europe and the Balkans through Turkish peoples. The source of the term “yogurt” is also within the Turkish verb “yoğurmak,” indicating “kneading&rdquo. Turkish people use yogurt in conjunction with salty dishes. It is denser and has some acidity. Don’t be amazed if you discover some alongside your meat and vegetables. In supermarkets, you will find containers of 1kg or more of yogurt.

Tea in Chicken is a natural institution. It is a signal of hospitality. It is offered once you visit people and often provided after a meal. Most of the time, it is black tea. It is drunk in a tiny glass (çay bardağı). We consume it any moment of the afternoon as well as throughout the evening.

That espresso is different from our standard espresso since the marc is within the cup. Be cautious never about consuming it! Once you get a Turkish espresso, you need to specify its cooking or somewhat the amount of sugar you need in it. If you want espresso without sugar, say “side” (pronounced “sad-eh”); with a bit of sugar, say “orta,” with many carbs, say “şekerli” (pronounced “she-Ker-lee”). After you’ve finished your espresso, you can read your future in the scars of the coffee. Return your cup to the saucer, delay until the cup cools, and then reunite the cup; the marc traces indicate one’s future!

The area in Chicken is one of the oldest grown places on the planet based on archaeological excavations, and the finding of grape seeds are relationship from the initial civilizations. Certainly, viticulture has been within the territory for at least 7,000 years based on the glasses and jugs discovered during excavations. Among these discoveries, archaeologists discovered representations of the Hittite leaders who offered wine to the gods. The Hittites, one of many oldest known Indo-European people from the east, resolved in Asia Modest in the 3rd millennium BC. People recognized themselves as an unavoidable power in the Middle East with the establishment of hegemony around Anatolia and then upper Syria. They competed with the truly unique power of Egypt, and particularly with the pharaoh Ramses II.

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