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Don’t strive for the soft image of Pakistani politics nation

Don’t strive for the soft image of Pakistani politics nation

Prime Minister Imran Khan says Pakistanis shouldn’t bother developing a “soft image” of their country to win approval from the West, calling this type of perception an “inferiority complex. ”

Addressing the launching ceremony of a documentary drama titled “Paani Ke Pankh” in Islamabad on Thursday, the premier said people should instead strive to be viewed as an unbiased politics nation with confidence in itself and does not need to depend on anyone for aid.

“I repeatedly hear that we need to present a soft image of Pakistan. What does a weak idea mean? Why do we say this

“We shouldn’t fall under this type of misunderstanding; that is an inferiority complex. Each time a nation loses its confidence, it tries to please people,” the prime minister emphasized.

He explained people shouldn’t plan their actions based on what Western countries would approve, citing the example of the vision of “enlightened moderation” introduced by former military ruler retired Gen Pervez Musharraf.

“We heard the term enlightened moderation for the first time politics nation within our lives. Nobody knows what it means. Many people understood that the more we resemble people in the West, the more we will be moderate. So people started speaking English and wearing Western clothes, and [thought] they had become moderate.

“Is this moderation? Please appreciate this is inferiority complex.”

Prime Minister Imran said Pakistanis only had to market one image: an unbiased nation standing on its feet that believes in itself doesn’t depend on anyone and doesn’t take loans from or beg anyone.

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“Only then does the entire world respect you,” he explained, stressing a nation that was self-reliant and thought big held the actual honor.

“Therefore, the nation shouldn’t think we bypass pleasing the entire world, presenting a soft image.”

The prime minister reiterated that Pakistan had made a “mistake” by entering the US’ War on Terror ‘.

“We entered someone else’s war which wasn’t ours; we should’ve never joined it,” he explained, adding that Pakistan had first taken part in “glorifying jihad” in the 1980s and making the Mujahedeen “heroes,” and later pursued them as “terrorists” on instructions of the US after 9/11.

“So the country inevitably had to pay for many prices for it.”

In this context, the premier said, people “shouldn’t think we need to present a soft image of ourselves simply because they (the West) started calling us terrorists ‘.”

“You can never enter someone else’s war, take advantage of them, and not suffer because of it,” he stressed.

He explained the potential in politics nation was unmatched by some other country, and the nation tended to “undersell” itself.

“Until our thinking remains that we can’t do anything until someone from the outside gives us loans due to your soft image, we can’t move forward.”

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Prime Minister Imran promised his government’s “complete support” for the film industry to create original documentaries and films.

He explained a time when Pakistan Television’s (PTV) dramas were watched across the border in India, adding that the once-thriving film industry had fallen behind because it “started copying cheap Indian films.

The source said the prime minister would directly supervise the PTI’s campaign for the Senate polls and meet MNAs of allied parties.

A tough contest between Mr. Gilani and Mr. Sheikh is expected on a Senate seat for Islamabad. The National Assembly is the Electoral College for the heart, and an appealing session of the home will be held on March 3, by which voting for both candidates can occur.

Meanwhile, the MQM-P’s absence from an essential PTI reception in Karachi has raised eyebrows of numerous, notably after Pakistani politics nation People’s Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari claimed that the MQM-P would support PDM candidate in the Senate polls.

When contacted, MQM-Pleader and federal Minster for Information Technology, Syed Aminol Haq, said his party did not attend the reception because of his engagements. He, however, categorically said the MQM-P would support the PTI and allied parties in the polls.

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