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Employee Monitoring App | How to watch small businesses remotely?

employee monitoring app

If you are an employer and want to tracker your employee’s mobile that you have to use an employee monitoring app for your business. and Small business owners are always struggling for the growth of a business. Small-scale businesses are not always stable. A lot of business owners find themselves with a need to manage the employees remotely.

Ups and downs are there on regular basis. Whereas the owners are always trying to keep it smooth and profitable. The owners have to be there on-site or in the office to keep things running. Which is quite hectic. The manager or the owner cannot keep an eye on the business 24/7. Everybody has a threshold limit. The employees are not reliable when there is a question of security and privacy.

Employees are not owners so they extravagantly use thee resources. The productivity of the work decreases when the owner/manager is away from the office. Thus, employers must use technology to keep the efficiency of employees to the mark. There are several ways to introduce technology into the business. Some of these ways are as below.


  1. Use CCTV System.

The evolution of the CCTV system is on a rise. Every organization has CCTV systems in the workplace. These systems can go online and the owner can access the live streaming on his cell phone or PC. This puts pressure on the employees to work efficiently because they know the Boss is watching. The surveillance through CCTV cameras has its own limits. Because the owner can only see what the employees are doing during office hours.


  1. Use of Biometric Attendance Systems.

Many companies are introducing the latest attendance management systems. The clock in and clock out is managed by the fingerprint of the employee. This is a secure system and cheating on this system is impossible.


  1. Use of employee monitoring app.

Another way of managing the business remotely is to use spying software. This seems to be the most efficient way to keep things in line. Other systems like CCTV and Attendance systems have limitations. But using spy software, the owner has more options. Spy Softwares or spy apps work secretly. No one knows about any spying activity.


How does a Spying app work?

A good spying app is compatible with all operating systems like Android, IOS, and Windows. Once installed in the device, the app instantly retrieves all data from the target device. The app sends this data to an online web portal. Most of the companies are giving cell phones and PCs to employees for official work. If these phones and PCs have a monitoring app, the owner can check the activities of the employees during office hours. Tracking apps comes with an online web portal for monitoring purpose.


How an Employee monitoring app can help?

 An Employe monitoring app comes with many features that are very helpful in managing manpower. These features include


  • GPS tracking
  • Live call listening,
  • Microphone Bugging.
  • Email monitoring
  • SMS monitoring
  • Access to phonebook and call logs.
  • Live 360 Streaming.
  • Screen recording


The business owner can save a lot of energy and resources by using an employee monitoring app. Employers will be able to

  • Track employee’s current location during office hours.
  • Listen to the conversations of the employees behind his back.
  • Check the phonebook and call logs. This can reduce the chances of data theft. Also, it enables the owner to check whether the employee is in contact with the rival companies.
  • Listen to phone calls to check the behavior of employees with the clients.
  • An employer can check the emails of target employees. This reduces the risk of secret data transfer to competitors.
  • Owners can track the screen of the target device (cell phone or PC). Sometimes employees are playing video games or using social media apps during office hours. This will increase the productivity of the employees.



All the above-mentioned methods help manage the business remotely. Business owners have to choose what is best for them. The situation of every business is different from one another. The main point is that business owners should use technology to make things smooth. This will also increase the productivity of the business. This will reduce the expenses and headaches of the managers.


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