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Golf Clash: A Perfect Game For Golf Lovers

Golf clash is an amazingly intense golf game that one can play with one’s friends on various social media platforms such as Facebook, iOS, and Android as well. It is among one of the best sports games that one can play on their electronic devices. The level of intensity is up to another world. One of the biggest tasks here is to manage the coins and the clubs. In order to achieve in-game currencies in unlimited amount, it would be ideal to opt for a quality Golf Clash hack tool. It is among the games that gained a lot of popularity in late 2017 and 2018 as well. This game is best in its way from impressive features to the exciting gameplay. These features are enough to keep the player busy with itself.


  In-game currencies and their importance

Let me tell you that in every game, in-game currencies are very crucial. In the particular game, without having sufficient currencies, one can’t have access to the locked features, and it feels very frustrating. You can have a look over the in-game currencies below. After knowing the currencies, it will become easier for you to understand the game better.

There are in total of two currencies in a particular game.

  1.   Coin
  2.   Gem

Both the currencies are crucial to keeping your progress on the track.

  • Coins

Coins are among one of the currencies in the game, and there are various methods in which the coins can be earned. Being a central currency, it possesses considerable importance in the game. So, it is better first to have a glance on the ways by which one can earn them. To obtain the coins, you need to participate in various matches and events and also to participate in these matches require few coins. You are awarded coins or even gems if you win the particular game. One can watch the advertisements repeatedly to gain more coins.

Another trick that you can do is by playing the game with your friends, and one can deal with losing the game once. So, that if they lose, you’ll get the chest and when you will lose they will have access to the chest.

  • Gems

Another in-game currency is gems.  These are stated as the premium currency of the game. If one has access to the premium currency, then they can enjoy various locked features and items from the game store. Gems even help you to upgrade your clubs. Now in order to get these gems free of cost, there is a need to apply safe Golf Clash Cheats.

Moreover, these also help you to purchase the extra mile cards as well. But there are minimal numbers of ways in which one can acquire these gems. For example, one can play several matches in which one can earn a gem by winning the matches. If you don’t find these ways useful for you, then you can receive these virtual currencies by exchanging the real-life currency.

Both the currencies are useful in their ways and help you to explore more in the game.

Highlighted features in the new update of Golf Clash

Many new features have been updated in the latest version of the game that needed to be tried once. These features are:

  1. New golden shot levels

New levels have been merged in the category of the golden shot that is medium and hard. Also, now ten golden shot prizes are available for each player, and five golden shot prizes on each difficulty level.

  •   In the medium difficulty level, now there are bigger prize rings and slow wind speeds in the game.
  •   Whereas in the hard difficulty level, smaller prize rings, faster wind speeds are available with the bigger prizes.
  1. New tiebreakers in the tournament

Two new rules have been introduced in the match. Rather than just completing the round as fast as possible, now you need to follow these rules, and that is:

  •   Now the tiebreaker will be decided by the no. of impressive scores that are achieved by the player in the particular round.
  •   Second is that those players who remain in the same position even after the tiebreaker rules, then they will continue to be in the same situation allowing a tie between both.

These are the two features that have been added to the updated version of the game. Now that you have grabbed a handful of essential information about the game, you can download the game and enjoy playing.

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