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How To Store Your Kitchen Knives?

It is essential to have a great set of knives in every kitchen as they are made of robust material, enabling you to cut precisely with ease. Moreover, a good quality knife must be comfortable to hold and properly balanced to provide you with a clear and precise cut. Therefore, one should consider buying top-notch quality knives, which will suit their needs. It is also equally important for everyone to understand how to take proper care of all the knives and store them safely to prevent them from getting damaged.

You should not toss your knives in a bunch of other utensils, which can potentially damage the knives’ blades. Hence, it would be great for you to follow certain steps to ensure that all your knives are remaining sharp and provide you with a precise cut for several years to come. There are three simple methods that you can use to store your knives safely, which include wall-mounted magnetic strips, Countertop knife blocks, or a drawer.

Thus, the selection of storage ideas will solely depend on how your kitchen space is used. One should also ensure that the sharp blade should not be rubbed against the storage unit during removing or inserting the knives to keep them maintained. So, let us discuss the most common ways to store your set of knives safely without affecting their sharpness without further delay.

  •       Countertop Storage

Using a knife holder or block is an excellent way to store knives conveniently and in a confined space. However, one should know that every knife block, which comes with a set of knives, is specially designed for storing those knives only. It means you will be limited to keep only those knives, and in case if you want to store some extra knives, you have to purchase another knife block or holder to do store. Moreover, knives stored in a countertop holder or block allow you to insert or remove each knife without causing damage to the blade.

  •       Drawer Storage

Storing a set of knives in a drawer is considered the safest method for storage in the house, especially when you probably want to keep your knives away from your kids and pets in your home. However, keeping your knives in the drawer does not mean that you toss them away with other kitchen utensils or in any space; it can increase the chances of dulling or damaging the knives’ blade. One should consider installing drawer inserts, which are specially designed for storing knives. It will allow you to provide each blade with its own space and keep them sharp for a longer period.

  •       Wall-Mounted Storage

Another great way to store a set of knives is to stick them on a magnetic strip placed against the wall. Moreover, it is considered one of the fantastic solutions for saving bench space, convenience, and visibility. And when you hang your knives in a row, it gives your kitchen a stylish and modern look. One should consider buying magnetic strips suitable for holding the knives’ weight that you are planning to attach.

These are the most common ways of maintaining and storing your kitchen knives, and you should choose the most suitable for your kitchen.

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