How to Use the Emergency SOS Feature on Your Smartphone


In the era of advanced technology, smartphones are not just communication devices; they are essential tools for personal safety. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to use the Emergency SOS feature on your smartphone, empowering users to quickly and efficiently access emergency services when needed.

Understanding the Emergency SOS Feature

A Lifesaving Functionality

The Emergency SOS feature is a built-in functionality on modern smartphones designed to swiftly connect users with emergency services in critical situations. It ensures that help is just a few taps away, potentially making a significant difference in emergencies.

Activating Emergency SOS

On iOS Devices (iPhone)

Step 1: Open Settings

Navigate to the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Select Emergency SOS

Scroll down and tap on “Emergency SOS.”

Step 3: Enable Auto Call

Toggle the “Auto Call” option to green if you want your iPhone to automatically dial emergency services when you initiate the Emergency SOS feature.

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Step 4: Set Emergency Contacts (Optional)

You can also add emergency contacts who will be notified with your location when the Emergency SOS is activated.

Step 5: Initiate Emergency SOS

To activate Emergency SOS, rapidly press the side or home button (depending on your iPhone model) five times. A slider will appear; slide it to call emergency services.

On Android Devices

Step 1: Open Settings

Access the “Settings” app on your Android device.

Step 2: Select Safety & Emergency

Find and tap on “Safety & Emergency” or a similar option depending on your device.

Step 3: Locate Emergency SOS

Look for the “Emergency SOS” or “Emergency Assistance” option.

Step 4: Enable Emergency SOS

Toggle the Emergency SOS feature on. Some devices may allow you to customize additional settings, such as sending emergency alerts to contacts.

Step 5: Initiate Emergency SOS

To activate Emergency SOS, follow the specified steps on your Android device. This may include pressing a combination of buttons or using specific gestures.

Using Emergency SOS in Critical Situations

Quick Activation Methods

  • On iOS: Press the side or home button five times rapidly.
  • On Android: Follow the specified activation steps or use the designated buttons/gestures on your device.

What Happens Next?

Upon activation, your smartphone will automatically dial the emergency services number (e.g., 911 in the United States) and share your location with them. If you’ve set up emergency contacts, they will also receive a notification with your location.

Remaining Calm and Communicating

During the emergency call, remain calm and clearly communicate the nature of the situation to the dispatcher. Provide essential details, your location, and any pertinent information that can aid responders.


The Emergency SOS feature on smartphones serves as a crucial tool for personal safety. Knowing how to activate and use this feature can make a significant impact in critical situations. Whether you’re an iPhone user or utilize an Android device, taking a few moments to set up and understand Emergency SOS can be a lifesaving decision. Empower yourself and those around you with the knowledge of this essential feature, ensuring that help is always within reach.

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