Remember the Pakistani girl from that roti-making viral video

Remember the Pakistani girl from that roti-making viral video beautiful young girl who went viral for her roti (flatbread) making videos? Her infectious smile and innocent looks charmed everyone on social media. Her videos have garnered millions of views on social media. However, no one knew her name or where she belonged to. Now, India Today has traced the girl who hails from Pakistan. Her name is Aamina Reyaz and she is 15 years old.

Aamina Reyaz lives in the outskirts of Karachi in the Sindh province of Pakistan and comes from a family of nomads. However, Amina has not uploaded the videos on social media herself. A teenage boy from her neighborhood has shared these videos online. After her videos went crazy viral on social media, several journalists approached her and her family for an interview. However, they have denied to talk on camera.

Last month, a video of Aamina Reyaz flattening the dough for her rotis went viral on social media. The young girl’s beauty and her infectious smile became the point of discussion among netizens. There is an Instagram account dedicated to Aamina, which has 300k followers. Several videos of her doing household chores like chopping vegetables, cooking and cutting fruits have been shared on the account.

On a somewhat less severe observation, trending that week has been Newcastle Brown Ale. Their latest video sees Stephen Business gearing as much as National Independence Time by, basically, telling the USA how much more significant they would have been if Good Britain was, however, in charge. “If We Won,” the video produced by Droga5, issues how much more alcohol Newcastle Brown Ale would have offered if Good Britain had won the Innovative Conflict and mocks the thought of Independence Time by evaluating it to “your partner breaking up with you, and then celebrating with fireworks. Every year. For 300 years!” The swear video ends by suggesting that “Good Britain 2” should alternatively be celebrating July 3rd – Independence Eve – and raising a “toast to how great it could have been&rdquo. Up to now, the reception to the video appears to be great from both parties of the lake, and it would appear that Newcastle Brown Ale can carry on making use of their hijacking of every big National event.

UGC & Activity Chart So (somewhat ironically), everyone knows that the initial rule of Struggle Team is – you don’t discuss Struggle Club. But think about Hit Team? That week National screenwriter, Maximum Landis, has been trending together with his video “The Slap,” which sees his randomly used friends consensually putting each other in the face. Speaking in his enclosed explanatory video, Landis states the theory comes from the view that “violence minus hostility is intimacy” and that “a slap mitigated by permission is just a hug&rdquo. It can end in the making of relationships. Landis sources First Kiss, the video by Tatian Pleven from early in 2010 that includes guests being presented together and then asked to kiss. He claims that his video is not a replica or parody but an effort to solve some significant issues that First Kiss failed to address. While it’s true that the resulting video features some good makeup and persons placing a great deal of relying upon each other, it is hard to obtain over the fact that it is just four moments of men and women reaching each other – especially when a number of the members appear to bring quite into it! Watch on your own and see which part of the fence you drop on! Bonus factors for recognizing Sixth Sense onetime kid celebrity Hayley Joel Osman!

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