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Safari Madness – Video Slot Review



Net Entertainment has proved again to the leaders in online slot machines with the introduction of Safari Madness. It is a fun filled safari across the wildlife in the forest, where you encounter crocodiles, hippos and other animals on the way. On the first look, even though it looks like a 3 slot game, it is actually a 9 reel game slot with 8 pay lines with a lot of tricks and options hidden inside.



Safari Madness – Gameplay:

With Safari Madness, you can play up to 64 win lines at a time, as there are 3 horizontal and vertical lines each and a couple of diagonal lines, making it a total of 8 winning lines, where each line can be activated 8 times, making it a total of 64 winning lines. While the reels are still spinning, you can either stop all the reels or stop an individual reel. Clicking on Max Bet or the Spin button will stop all the reels. If you want to stop individual lines, clicking on the “Clear Bets” button will stop the left vertical line and clicking on “Single Line” and “All Lines” will stop the middle and right vertical lines respectively.

Safari Madness–Special Features:

Since the Safari Madness is equipped with a total of 9 reels, there are a lot of winning combinations possible apart from the regular winning symbols. For example, you will get 700 times of your winning amount, if you get a Bar symbol on all the nine reels. Or if you get damn lucky, you win will be as much as 3000 times the amount of winning money, when you get the tourist symbol smiling at you from all 9 reels.

Safari Madness–How to Play?

  • Playing with Safari Madness is easy.
  • First step is to select your coin value.
  • Next step is to choose the win lines from 1-8 lines.
  • You can select multiple winning lines by clicking on the Single line button repeatedly.
  • Or if you choose to play with all the winning lines, you can select all by clicking the “All lines” button.
  • Clear your bets to place a new bet by clicking the “Clear Bets” button.
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