Sports ‘could be a litmus check for voters in America’s newsroom

America’s newsroom Outkick founder Clay Travis informed “America’s Newsroom’s” co-host Statement Hemmer Wednesday that sports could be a “very significant litmus check” for Georgia voters. Travis created the comments in front of Wednesday night’s All-Star Sport following Important League Soccer moved the function out of Atlanta because of Georgia’s new voting law.


CLAY TRAVIS: It’s calling into problem why Joe Biden instantly decided to call this John Crow 2.0, a genuine estimate from him when he has displayed Delaware in the Senate for decades and never said anything about their restricted voting policies…I do think, Statement, if you believe about this, Herschel Walker is rumored to be the most genuinely effective competitor or one of many top challengers for the Republican nomination.

He won a national concept with Georgia in 1980… The most used entity in their state of Georgia — isn’t Republicans, it isn’t Democrats; Oahu is the Atlanta Braves — and if you mix that with the Georgia Bulldogs and Herschel Walker, I do believe sports could be a very significant litmus check for an awful lot of voters in their state of Georgia.

Raphael Warnock, I do believe, will have a tough time trying to spell out to Georgia sports supporters why he didn’t fight as tricky as he possibly can with this All-Star Sport, a hundred million dollar gain. At the same time, the ad says to be taking place in his backyard.

Senator Josh Hawley R-Mo. We will be introducing legislation amid the increase in offense across America from the “defund the police” movement. Hawley joined Dana Perino on “America’s Newsroom” to discuss the contents of his bill.


JOSH HAWLEY: It is due to the ‘defund the police movement, anything Joe Biden has implicitly endorsed. We mentioned the police below fireplace and below assault. What we need right now could be we need more police on the street. We shouldn’t be defunding the police. We need to protect American families, and my Statement will put 100,000 new police on the beat to keep Americans safe.

At this time, the Cuban thugs arrest protestors and throw them in jail and clubbing them and defeating them. This isn’t new. For decades the Communist dictatorship in Cuba has committed kill, torture, and extraordinary atrocities. As you know, for me, it isn’t just a theoretical matter. My dad was imprisoned. My cousin was imprisoned and tortured by Castro. Like so many countless other Cuban families, my family has observed the cruel oppression of Communism firsthand. I’ve to say watching these pictures and watching Cuban persons on the roads endangering their lives – when you remain faithful and protest. It is something to wave a hole here in the U.S. where you aren’t risking your life. They are endangering imprisonment and death.

“The American persons stay with the people of Cuba, and I’ve to say the Biden administration has been awful on this. They put out a statement stating, ‘That shows their directly to calm assembly.’ No, it shows a Communist dictatorship attempting to silence their speech. The Biden administration’s statements the protests are about Covid. They desire more Covid shots. No, this protests-they are screaming freedom in the streets. They are screaming, ‘Down with the dictatorship and waving American flags. What a lovely image of freedom the American hole is across the globe. And however, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can not appear to determine why that freedom is fundamental and why the individuals are standing and endangering their lives.”

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