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In a competitive world of healthcare and personal physical development, SARMS have developed an advanced and effective way to meet the standards required of fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious masses. While proper and expensive diet and painstaking exercise that need dedication, discipline and plenty of hard work are the roads to leading a healthy life, SR9009, a product of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) aid in speeding and balancing this process healthily and productively.

SR9009 is a range of stenabolic drugs produced by Thomas Burris of Scripps Research Institute. Although it is still in the process of research, many professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts have approved it. The benefits were first discovered through tests on mice which were modified to gain or lose body fats and muscle mass. The success of this experiment has led to further development of the drug for commercial use with no known long-term side effects yet.

While conventional steroids and other testosterone or prohormone supplements come with high-risk side effects and that too at an enormous price range, SR9009 offers a wide range of products that guarantee minimal side effects, a quick result with long-lasting results. It aids in improving bone mineral density, muscle mass, reducing body fat, lean muscle development, healing joints and enhancing physical performance. It was legalized because unlike conventional anabolic steroids and testosterone, this drug has been getting a positive review for its oral bioavailability.  It is also non-toxic to the liver and does not post any threat of prostate problems or known to cause any cancer in men. Injections are not necessary, and they are untraceable.

SR9009 is based on the Circadian rhythm of the human body, and it stimulates Rev-Erb protein which stabilizes and enhances the inner clock in humans. It affects the lipid and glucose mechanism in the body which makes it suitable for controlling cells that store fats and glucose. It also stimulates the production of mitochondria which intensify the metabolism in the muscles, which means that every exhausted Mitochondria are easily replaced thus generating extra energy.SR9009 or stenabolics burn off calories and cholesterol in the body while resting instead of converting energy into fats by increasing the rate of metabolism.

Some of the known benefits of SR9009 are:

  1. It reduces Plasma triglycerides which are the main constituents of body fats by 12%
  2. It reduces cholesterols by 47%
  3. It reduces Plasma non-esterified fatty acids which are essential metabolic fuels by 23%
  4. It reduces plasma glucose by 19% and this helps in preventing diabetes
  5. It reduces plasma insulin level by 35%
  6. It reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-6 by 72 which decreases inflammation
  7. It can be used in the treatment of Type II diabetes
  8. It is also useful in the treatment of sarcopenia in old age, which is the weakening of the muscles.
  9. When exercise and dieting shows no or slow result, SR9009 provides an alternate way to treat obesity.
  10. As stated earlier, SR9009 is also a useful bodybuilding supplement as it improves endurance, strength, muscle growth, body metabolism, fat loss and balancing sugar level in the body.
  11. It may be useful in preventing the hardening of the arteries or Atherosclerosis as it reduces the blood vessel lesions, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  12. SR9009 may potentially be used to maintain wakefulness when the need for sleep is prominent during shift work, sleeping disorders or jet lag.

The recommended SR9009 dosage is usually 30mg per day but due to its short half-life and it is best to space out the doses for a balanced effect. It can be taken three times a day at a dosage of 10gm between 4 hours. It can safely be used solo or stacked alongside other supplements or steroids.

These drugs are also known by other names as metabolic drug or performance enhancer. The primary function is to reduce fats and replace them with muscles. Fitness enthusiasts had reviewed that short-term use SR90009 helped them attain required muscle cuts and definitions where long-term exercise could not enhance.

Many users have reviewed that SR9009 do add a noticeable amount of stamina to their normal endurance level which makes them more alert. When taken at a high dosage, the only prominent disadvantage would be insomnia which is highly unlikely if taken in recommended dosage and at a regular interval. So this need for administering the dosage throughout the day may prove as a drawback for some users.  When they were tested in mice over a period of 8 weeks, the mice showed signs of liver and bone cancer because their activity and sleep pattern were altered significantly. But what is to be noted is that these mice were given a large dosage of the drug whereas the recommended safe dosage should not exceed 3ml per one kilogram of body weight per day. Usually, no human would take that much amount in a day, so the side effects were dismissed.

Since SR9009 is mostly made up mostly of anabolics, so it does not affect hormones like other testosterones usually do. Standard steroids and testosterone supplements typically prevent the body from producing its natural testosterone, but SR9009 does not have that same effect. It concentrates solely on muscle and bone development by speeding the metabolism of the body and binding proteins.

These enhancers had been tested and modified since the 90s for better performance, but it has not been FDA approved yet. It is, however, safe to say that these enhancers add more value to the benefit of physical development than not. It is a massive leap in pharmaceutical development and would greatly benefit people struggling with obesity and prevent certain lifestyle diseases. These products are in no way risk-free, but considering the pros and cons, SR9009 can be used by both males and females. They should, however, be administered with caution and is safest to always consult a professional dietician or a doctor before usage like every other health supplements.

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