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Sunderland’s newest and most innovative burger restaurant is taking the city to the streets.

Since their debut last week, the owners have had massive success with their range and take-out menu filled to the max with the mouthwatering and mouthwatering product made of ground beef.

A brand new Sunderland Burger bar has built an enviable reputation following the launch of a takeaway and delivery-only menu from the middle of a new establishment.

The Bun and Beef Burger Company opened on the 16th of December the 16th, and in just their first week, staff and managers alike have enjoyed the benefits of its success, which has seen them sell items numerous times.

The sole online business is located in a relatively new restaurant, Proven People – which newly occupies an old structure on Burdon Road in Sunderland.

The restaurant only officially opened to customers in July of this year. It has seen only success because of its exquisite assortment that includes New York-style pizzas and small meals.

Owners have been enthralled by the reputation of the famous city spot, but they wanted to expand a more, serving diverse dishes.

Talking to ChronicleLive, the general manager of Proven Pizza and the Bun and Beef Burger Co, Leon Dodd, spoke of the significance and impact of expanding.

“Well, in essence, we’re situated in a new location inside Sunderland City Centre called Proven People,” he said.

“The hamburger side of things is still a bit worried about another lockdown, yet it’s also a string on our bow.

“We are just small plates and pizzas in our kitchen, and we thought that we could create a different idea from our premises.”

Since the launch of the burger business, the 42-year-old has experienced immense growth, to his delight.

He went on to say: “It’s been surprising. It’s on the mark.

“We’re taking off, and we’re increasing our orders every day – and it seems to be getting rid of everything daily.

“That’s fantastic because it shows that demand is present; however, it also indicates that the product is true, fresh each day.”

All burgers traditionally come with seasoned fries, house slaw, and burger relish. (Image: Aaron Morris)

He also said: “The owners have done excellent marketing before the event, and I believe that just getting it via social media has caught the interest of people.

“Through a little bit of perseverance, the product that we’re distributing seems to be getting a lot of attention at the moment.”

The food from Bun and Beef Burger Co. Bun and Beef Burger Co can be purchased to be collected and delivered through Sunderland Eats and Uber Eats at the moment. However, Leon revealed that the company is soon considering popping-up events on the premises.

“We saw a couple walk to Proven on a Saturday night. They sat at the table and were asking for hamburgers.

“People are coming to bring them into their homes already. It’s pretty amazing how fast it’s gone.

“We are planning to have pop-up dinners in conjunction with Proven People, but as currently, we’re thinking of it as a distinct type of organization within the facilities we currently have.”

Proven People, where the new business venture is located. (Image: Aaron Morris)

The company offers a sweet and short menu that is available, and they continue to discover their niche; however, some of the items they’ve created are exclusive to the company.

All burgers available include well-seasoned fries and are served with house slaw and hamburger relish.

They can range from the traditional typical double cheeseburgers to those who prefer classic ground beef. They can also be a part of exciting dishes like the braised oxtail-topped double, smothered with the smoky cheese and meat dip sauce.

The store is open between midnight Tuesday to Saturday, on a pick-up and delivery basis. However, the staff is looking into revising opening hours for the new year, especially if there is a decrease in sales.

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