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Top 7 knife sets under $200 – An Informative Buying Guide!

It is quite challenging to find a knife set that comes under 200 dollars because most knife sets contain a lot of different knives along with cooking tools. It is the main reason why knife sets are a bit expensive than the usual chef knives. However, if you are looking to buy a knife set to upgrade your kitchen as well as fit your budget, you have visited the right place. Here, you will find the top 7 Best Knife Sets under $200, specially selected by the famous chiefs and enable you to cook different foods with ease.


  1. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Knife Block Set

Mercer culinary has been manufacturing high-quality, value-driven knife for both food enthusiasts and professionals. They have manufactured a knife set that delivers both quality and robustness in their knives. 



  •       You will get five different sizes of knife pieces along with a knife holder in this set of knives.
  •       Each knife is made from forged german steel with a precision taper-ground edge. 
  •       It has a bolster that provides excellent balance in handling the knife. 
  •       Each knife handle is covered with ergonomic Santoprene that runs on the entire handle length for better grip. 
  •       Each knife is certified by NSF for public health and safety risk management.
  •       The knife set consists of different knives that mean 8 inches of a chef knife, 6 inches of a boning knife, 8 inches of a bread knife, 5 inches of the utility knife, and 3.5 inches of a paring knife. 



  •       The robust german steel used in the knife provides a precision cutting edge.
  •       The subtle bolster will provide proper balance.
  •       Ergonomic Santoprene handle provides you with a superior grip.
  •       The tempered glass gives it a classy and modern look.



  •       If these knives are not properly maintained, then they began to deposit rust on their surfaces. 


  1. Nanfang Brothers Kitchen Damascus Knife Set

NANFANG BROTHERS are one of the leading companies in manufacturing knife sets in china. Moreover, one of their knife sets is Damascus, and each knife in the set delivers excellent cutting edge and is made from superior quality steel. 



  •       In this set of knives, you will get 8 inches of a chef knife, 8 inches of slicing knife, 8 inches bread knife, 7 inches of santoku knife, 5.5 inches of a utility knife, 3.5 inches of a paring knife, knife scissors, and knife sharpener. 
  •       You will get six knives of Damascus, knife shear, and knife sharpener along with a natural wooden block to hold all cutleries. 
  •       It especially features a santoku knife used to cut meat, cheese, meat, vegetables, and fruits. 
  •       Each knife is manufactured using high-quality steel and forged in a modern style.



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  •       Each knife has a comfortable and non-slippery grip.
  •       The company offers 24/7 customer support services in case you have any default in their knife set.
  •       It comes in a beautifully-wrapped box.
  •       The natural wooden block will give your kitchen a modern look.



  •       It is essential to keep every knife dry after washing because if proper measures are not taken to maintain the knives, they can quickly deposit rust. 


  1. Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening Knife Block Set

Calphalon classic is able to develop a technology that enables each knife to sharpen without having the need for a knife sharpener. Thus, the company uses premium quality steel to forged knife steel and enables you to cook with ease. 



  •       The number of knives you will get in this set is 15, including 8 inches of a chef knife, 8 inches of a bread knife, 6 inches of a utility knife, 7 inches of santoku knife, and 3.5 inches of a paring knife, and eight steak knife. 
  •       You will also get kitchen shears along with the knife-sharpening wood block.
  •       All knives are made from stainless steel to ensure durability and sturdiness.
  •       It has a comfortable grip along with a specific label for ease in identification. 
  •       Each knife is forged used high-quality stainless steel and contains a high level of carbon.



  •       It has an in-build ceramic knife sharpener.
  •       Each knife is labeled for ease of identification. 
  •       It is made from full stainless steel that takedown any cutting task.
  •       A lifetime warranty backs it up. 
  •       It will offer you a great level of comfort.



  •       If the knives are not properly maintained, then their handle can begin to discolor.


  1. Cangshan S1 Series 1022575 Knife Block Set

Cangshan has been offering both eastern and western style along with the performance that can provide you with excellent cutting ability. The company has used premium quality steel that offers an outstanding level of sturdiness. 



  •       Each knife is forged using high-alloy German steel.
  •       In this set of knives, you will get seven different knives that include 8 inches of the chef, 8 inches of bread, 7 inches of santoku, 5 inches of serrated utility, 3.5 inches of paring, 9 inches of shears, and 8 inches of honing.
  •       The handle is forged using german alloy steel that provides Rockwell hardness scale.
  •       It comes with a concrete walnut wooden block to store knives safely. 
  •       Each knife is certified for safety and risk-free management by the national sanitation foundation.
  •       The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and easy grip.
  •       Each knife is developed in the heat treatment process. 



  •       Each knife by cangshan is handcrafted to provide better cutting performance.
  •       Each type of knife is designed in an aesthetic look that enables you to cut easily. 
  •       The company has used superior quality german steel in the knives.
  •       The comfortable handle enables you to grip the knife properly.
  •       Each knife is forged at high temperature for more excellent durability. 



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  •       Users will have to wash their hands before using them to maintain them. 


  1. Wüsthof Gourmet Starter Block Set

The WÜSTHOF company has been manufacturing for several years and forging knives by following the highest level of tradition, quality, and craftsmanship. Moreover, every cutlery by WÜSTHOF will maintain a strict quality standard with a significant level of precision and durability.


  •       The number of knives in this set will contain 7 pieces of starter knife set that includes 3 inches of spear point paring knife, 4.5 inches of utility knife, 6 inches of a serrated utility knife, and 6 inches of cook’s knife.
  •       It comes with 9 inches of kitchen shears made from steel along with nine slots of the wooden block
  •       It has high carbon stainless steel blades that can cut precisely any food
  •       The handle of knives made from triple-riveted synthetic polypropylene
  •       Each cutlery is crafted to resist dulling and corrosion
  •       Each knife is manufactured using laser-cut stamped especially tempered with high-carbon stainless steel


  •       The knife designs set a new standard for proper balancing.
  •       Each knife is forged using laser technology
  •       The handle of knives are made durable using POM material for a comfortable grip and better control
  •       When you hold the knife, it offers you an excellent level of sharpness and comfort level.


  •       The knife set is a bit pricy as compared to other sets of knives.
  1. Tuo Knife Block Set

Each knife offered in the series of a black hawk has provided an outstanding level of user experience. Moreover, the company has forged their knives using sturdy stainless steel that undergoes countless premium processes that mean more than 60 days of continuous workmanship and polish.


  •       In the tuo knife set, you will seven-piece kitchen knife set that includes 9 inches of a bread knife, 8 inches of a chef knife, 7 inches of santoku, 6.5 inches of nakiri, 5 inches of a utility knife, and 3.5 inches of parer.
  •       It comes with natural rubber wooden block that enables you to keep knives in the set
  •       The set also contains a premium polishing cloth for cleaning the knives
  •       It comes beautifully packed in a deluxe recyclable gift box
  •       It has a full-tang structure along with triple rivets for a great balance


  •       Each knife ensure superior resilience and reliable durability
  •       Every knife is crafted from experienced knife smith
  •       It provides superb sturdiness, great flexibility, and lasting performance
  •       It enables us to cut through a different layer of meat easily


  •       Sometimes the quality of tang is not upto the mark and does not offer much comfort.
  1. J.A. Henckels International Classic Knife Block Set

The J.A. Henckels has been providing superior quality cutleries for several years and known for fine-edge precision blades honed for offering lasting performance.


  •       The set of knives includes 4 inches of utility and paring knife, 5 inches of a serrated utility knife, 7 inches of the fork, 8 inches of a carving knife, 8 inches of a chef knife, 8*4 inches of stick knife, and 9 inches of sharpening steel. It means you will get a set of 16 knives forged with superior steel.
  •       It also comes with kitchen shears and a hard wooden block for storing knives safely.
  •       Each knife is fabricated with premium quality German stainless steel
  •       Kitchen knives are made in Spain; shears, sharpening steel, and blocks are made in china, whereas fork and steak knives are made in Thailand.
  •       The knives handle covered in traditional ergonomic triple-rivet for better comfort and balance.


  •       Each knife forged using premium quality german stainless steel.
  •       The performance of the knife is superb and offers precision cuts.
  •       The handle provides you a comfortable and non-slip grip.
  •       It will allow you to cut without any hassle.


  •       You will be cautious in maintenance because they can deposit rust quickly.

v  What To Look For In An Affordable Knife Set


Ø  Piece 

When looking for a knife set, then considering the numbers of knives plays a vital role in deciding what to buy. Therefore, if you have a well-developed kitchen and has plenty of kitchen stuff to do, buying a knife set consisting of higher numbers of knives would be the best option for you.

Moreover, if you have a restaurant business, it is necessary to have different types of knives useful in cooking. However, if you have a small business, you can purchase a small set of knives that can provide you with enough tools to do your work. The decision to choose a set of knives will depend on your business’s purposes or your house’s requirements. 

Ø  Quality Brand 

Thus, the quality of the brand plays a vital role because when you choose a higher quality brand, they will use superior material in forging the knife as it will determine the durability and sharpness of the cutlery. Moreover, it would be best for you to choose a reputed brand that will provide you with a superior quality product at affordable rates.

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Thus, most reputed companies will use premium quality stainless steel material in forging their knives to offer precision edges and a high level of sharpness. One of the best things about a reputed company is that they will deliver such products in the market to maintain its goodwill. Therefore, you need to choose a reliable and reputed company to get superior quality offered in a knife set. 

Ø  Warranty 

The warranty also plays a crucial part in deciding factor because if a company is providing a lifetime warranty for their knife product, you will have the flexibility to exchange for your knife product if your product quality is reduced even after taking the proper care of every knife. However, some companies will provide you with a limited warranty for their product. If their product gets defective within a limited period, you can return your product to the company.

They are more likely to fix the product for you and return the product as soon as possible to provide a good user experience. When looking for a set of knives, then considering the warranty factor plays a vital role in the deciding factor. Thus, it will ensure that every penny you spend on each knife will be worth it. Therefore, it will help you choose a knife set that will fulfill your desire to become a chef and support you in cooking a good meal. 

The information mentioned above is related to the 7 Best Knife Sets under $200, and you can take any of the above that will help you achieve your goals. Having a knife set has plenty of benefits for a chef and can upgrade your kitchen level. If you want to cook different dishes, you will require various tools to support you in slicing different food items. Therefore, having a set of various knives can enable you to cut through the various density of food items.

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