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custom popcorn boxes
custom popcorn boxes


Top Ideas to Designs Popcorn Packaging that Enhance your Popularity

Why do Popcorns Brands need to focus on Design?
popcorn boxes

If you want to make your top place in the popcorn industry and still underestimate the power of customized popcorn packaging, you go in the wrong direction. Either you sell cooked retail popcorn, uncooked popcorns kernels, freshly cooked popcorns from any kiosk or counters, you still need the custom popcorn packaging solutions. The esthetic presentation of your brand in the splendid outlook is the most concern factor by customers. We know the delicious aroma of popcorns cones captivate popcorns, lovers, from far away. But we don’t ignore the overwhelming designs of popcorns cartons. No matter either you are a popcorns seller on the kiosk and deliver popcorns for home parties, you must consider the packaging designs. This article explains some top ideas to design your attractive popcorns boxes. 

Pillow Shaped Boxes for Popcorn with Personalized Notes 

The use of pillow-shaped popcorns boxes to present your popcorns in front of your target audiences is a sublime option. If you want to give value to your customers, you can show respect and love by printing personalized notes on the box for your esteemed customers. It put the best and unforgettable unboxing expenses to your customers. Plus mostly, these boxes are used to pack caramel, honey, and sweet popper kernels.

Fuel Gallon Style Popcorn Box Theaters 

If you sell popcorns in theaters, you need to think about packaging out of the box. In this regard, cardboard made popcorn packaging box in the shape of fuel gallon. It communicates a message to your customers to gather energy to enjoy watching your favorite movie in theaters like you need fuel to drive your car. You can print your shop logo and brand name other options that you want to show in front of your customers.
popcorn shed boxes

Popcorn Shed Boxes Styles 

Another option that makes your retail popcorns presentation spellbinding is to use shed and hut-style popcorn boxes to pack them. You can change the color of the box as per their flavor. For instance, you can use dark brown for your chocolate boxes and pick a blue color for your salted popcorn kernels. Plus, you can customize the size of popcorns boxes as per your choice.
custom popcorn pocket

Custom Popcorn Box with Pocket 

If you want to serve your patrons at your kiosk with popcorns and some sauce, then a custom popcorn box with a pocket is the top-notch choice for you. The attachment of small size pocket with your popcorns boxes protects your consumers from messiness if they want to eat sauce. Also, it increases the beautification and adorability of your product packaging.

Personalized Pool Personalized Popcorns Box  

We all love parties, but when we hear the name of the pool party, we all go crazy for fun and swimming games. So, if you are a party organizer and want swimming pool theme boxes, you can buy some personalized popcorn boxes that look suitable for this purpose. On this subject, ask the popcorn packaging supplier to print colorful balls, blue tiles, and an astounding swimming tube on the box. It looks amazing and engages the people to enjoy yummy popcorns.
cool cone

Cool Cone Popcorn Packaging 

Now it’s time to talk about the cool and affordable popcorn packaging solutions. So, the cool cone popcorns packaging takes less material and investment due to having only 2-colors printing cost. These cones are easily crafted using Kraft paper and any other heavy-duty paper with hemp rope on the bottom to easily carry in the consumer’s hand. They open from the top side to relish the tasty popcorns.
celebrity popcorn

Print Famous Celebrity and Carton Characters on Popcorn Box 

Sometimes, with a lot of effort, you cannot build your recognition in the industry. At that time, you need to take the help of some famous characters. So, you need to print the image of famous celebrities and superheroes on the box that makes the cause attractive for all people who love these characters. And you can print any famous cartoons and funny characters on the box.  For example, some names are mentioned below for you:

  • Cinderella
  • Winnie the Pooh 
  • Snow white 
  • Panda 
  • Tom and Jerry 


horor design
Horror Design Pattern for Popcorn Packaging 

Many brands follow some themes in their packaging and other elements. So, you can opt for the options to make horror popcorns boxes to pack their popcorns. In this regard, you write the product’s name with the twist of the horror character’s name. People who love horror movies and characters are easily attracted to this type of packaging. If you don’t want to pick this idea for a long time, then you can use personalized horror design patterns for a particular time at Halloween.
unicorn design

Unicorn Popcorn Boxes Designs 

The use of unicorns design printing on popcorns boxes makes the major source for captivating the kids. These popcorn packaging boxes are commonly white in color with a combination of pinks, purples, indigo, and yellow. Plus, you can attach the handle on the top side of the box because kids sometimes have difficulty holding scallop boxes in their hands and creating a mess in every palace.
printed popcorn

Dinosaur Printed Popcorn Boxes for Treats 

The colorful popcorn boxes assist your business in grasping the attention of end-users. So, you need to use high-quality graphic designs and sparkling colors for your popcorn boxes. Therefore, the use of dinosaur and forest graphics provides an appealing look to your popcorn cases and makes your brand unique. Plus, if people organize a visit to a zoo and any other picnic place, they obviously want to buy your popcorns to resemble their tour. If you can use these 3D graphics of dinosaurs on your retail popcorn boxes, it also provides uniqueness in the crowd of their competitors.
kraft popcorn

Kraft Top Flower Colure Popcorn Cases 

As we know, packaging brands turn their head towards eco-friendly and nature-friendly packaging solutions. So, the use of Kraft material is completely secure for our atmosphere. But you need to make your popcorns packaging unique, then top flower closure popcorns cases are best to pack in a secure environment. You can print in any color to give the differentiation of each flavor.
filling design

Filling Your Popcorns in Your Desired Popcorn Boxes 

After finalizing the design patterns according to your purpose, now you are ready to fill your luscious and mouthwatering popped kernels in your desired popcorn cases. I hope you can grasp the attention of many consumers towards your brands by opting for these ideas for classical popcorns packaging. So, if you want these custom popcorn boxes, then you can order online after finding a trustworthy popcorns packaging supplier. 


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