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Umar Riaz Bigg Boss Eliminate

On the 15th season of Bigg Boss, Umar Riaz got evicted. The show’s creators faced backlash from netizens for the eviction of this popular contestant. In fact, many of them demanded the ban of the show as the eviction was a violation of the show’s norms and rules. Despite this, Umar Riaz is trending.

on Twitter and his posts have crossed 4.4 million. Whether he will be able to get through the next episode or not is yet to be seen.


The eviction of Umar Riaz has created a huge stir on the internet. He was one of the hottest contestants this season and he was considered to be one of the strongest contestants of the show. However, his eviction has caused controversy and has caused several contestants to come forward and voice their support for the star. The incident has also sparked anger and vitriol among the cast members.

After his eviction, Riaz’s fans have expressed outrage over the eviction. Some of them argued that Riaz had been evicted because of his aggressive nature. But this was not the case and many ‘aggressive’ contestants were given a second chance in the show. The episode ended with a shocking scene for the contestants. Thankfully, the episode ended with a bang for the ‘Riaz family’.

While the elimination of Umar Riaz was unexpected, the show still celebrated the episode with a big party. The team had dinner with Umar Riaz and his family. He was wearing the same clothes as when he was voted out and headed home. Although the episode left the decision to the viewers, the eviction of Umar is still a major milestone in Bigg Boss history.


As an MBBS, Riaz has a fit and healthy physique. His height is 5 feet and he weighs 75 Kg. His weight is 165 lbs. His hairstyle is very trendy and he has brown eyes. Despite the shocking news, he is still a popular and healthy contestant. The show’s eviction rumors are still unfounded, but he remains a popular contestant.

A former clinical assistant at a hospital in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Umar Riaz is a medical doctor. He completed his MBBS degree in 2018. The show’s 15th season is expected to air in April. He will be competing with four other contestants in the show. He is a keen fitness fan and a travel enthusiast. His favorite Bollywood stars are Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

As a fitness fan, Umar Riaz Instagram started his internship at a government medical college and became a senior registrar in general surgery after two years of practice. His exemplary social media presence earned him massive popularity on the show. Despite his young age, his Muslim background is evident. He is a good friend of the judges. Similarly, his brother Asim Riaz was a Muslim.

After exiting the show, Umar Riaz has made a name for himself on the Bigg Boss. He has appeared in many music videos, including Gunaah Karde by Dipesh Aggarwal, Sky High by Asim-Riaz, and Befikre Raho by Jugni In. He has become a very popular character in the show.

The eviction of Umar Riaz is controversial as his brother is also a doctor. His eviction was controversial as he was the most popular contestant on the show. Both of them have massive fan followings in their hometowns. Therefore, it is expected that Umar will be back on Bigg Boss 15 for the next season. It is believed that he will be staying in the house.


His eviction was a shock for many viewers, as he had earned a huge fan base all over the world. Moreover, he had the best-looking body and a handsome face, which is another reason for his eviction. The eviction was a result of his ejection from the show, which shocked many viewers and fans alike. It is unclear why Umar was evicted.


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