Policy for Windows 11

Policy for Windows 11

Policy for Windows 11 This short article guides you to help you arrange for Windows 11 in your organization. Since Windows 11 is created on a single foundation as Windows 10, you should use the same deployment capabilities, scenarios, and tools—along with the detailed same basic deployment strategy that you use today for Windows 10. You should review and update your servicing system to adjust for changes in Servicing and support for Windows 11.

At an advanced level, this strategy includes the following steps:

If you should be searching for approaches to optimize your method of deploying Windows 11, or if deploying a brand new version of an os is not a standard process for you personally, some items to take into account are offered below.

Determine eligibility

As a first step, you should know which of your present devices meet the Windows 11 hardware requirements. Most devices purchased within the last 18-24 months will be compatible with Windows 11. Verify your device meets or exceeds Windows 11 conditions to make sure it’s consistent.

Microsoft happens to be developing analysis tools to help you evaluate your devices from the Windows 11 electronics requirements. When Windows 11 reaches general availability, end-users operating Windows 10 Home, Seasoned, and Seasoned for Workstations may have a method to utilize the PC Wellness Check app to find out their eligibility for Windows 11. end-users operating Windows 10 Enterprise and Knowledge editions must rely on their IT administrators to let them know when they’re competing for the upgrade.

Enterprise businesses looking to decide device willingness within their environments can expect this power to be integrated into active Microsoft resources, such as Endpoint analytics and Update Compliance. This capacity will soon be available when Windows 11 is typically available. Microsoft is also coping with software writing associates to help put Windows 11 device support of their solutions.

Windows 11 availability

The availability of Windows 11 will vary according to a device’s hardware and whether the unit receives updates directly or from the management solution maintained by an IT administrator.

Managed devices

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Managed devices are devices that can be under organization control. Managed devices include those operated by Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, or other endpoint management solutions.

If you manage devices concerning your organization, you will have a way to upgrade eligible devices to Windows 11, using your existing deployment and management tools at no cost when the upgrade reaches general availability. Organizations that use Windows Update for Business may have added benefits, such as example:

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They ensure that devices that don’t meet the minimum hardware requirements aren’t quickly provided the Windows 11 upgrade.

Extra perception in to safeguard holds. While safeguard supports may purpose for Windows 11 devices only because they do for Windows 10 today, administrators using Windows Update for Company may have access to information that safeguard holds prevent individual devices from upgrading to Windows 11.

Unmanaged devices

Unmanaged devices are devices that aren’t managed by an IT administrator concerning an organization. For os (OS) deployment, these units aren’t subject to organizational policies that address upgrades or updates.

Windows 11 will be agreed to eligible Windows 10 devices beginning later in the 2021 calendar year. Messaging on new machines will vary by the PC manufacturer. Still, users might find labels such as, for example, This PC will upgrade to Windows 11 once available on products readily available for purchase.

The Windows 11 update is likely to be available initially on qualified, unmanaged units to consumers who manually seek the update through Windows UpdateLike all Windows Update managed devices, the Windows Update Settings page will confirm when a device is eligible. Users can upgrade when they choose to.

The same as Windows 10, the device learning-based intelligent rollout process will be used when rolling out upgrades. Machine learning uses various testing, shut spouse diamond, feedback, diagnostic information, and real-life insights to manage quality. This process improves the upgraded knowledge and ensures that units first chosen for upgrades are likely to have a seamless experience. Devices with compatibility difficulty with the update get the main good thing about handling these dilemmas before the campaign is offered.

Windows 11 ability considerations

The promising approach to determine if your infrastructure, deployment procedures, and administration instruments are prepared for Windows 11 is shown on the Windows Insider Plan for Business. As a participant in the Discharge Preview Route, you can validate that your units and programs are estimated and discover new features.

As you intend your endpoint administration technique for Windows 11, consider moving to cloud-based mobile device management (MDM), such as Microsoft Intune. In case a cloud-only approach isn’t right for the organization just yet, you can still modernize and streamline essential pieces of one’s endpoint management strategy as follows:

Develop a cloud management gateway (CMG) to manage Configuration Manager clients on the internet.

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Add your present Setup Management house to the cloud with tenant add so you can control all units from within the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

Use co-management to control units applying both Setup Manager and Microsoft Intune concurrently. That allows you to take advantage of cloud-powered functions like Conditional Access.

To find out more about these strategies’ advantages, see Cloud Add Your Future: The Major 3.

To learn more about these approaches’ advantages, see Cloud Attach Your Future: The Big 3.

The introduction of Windows 11 is also an excellent time to review your hardware refresh plans and prioritize eligible devices to make sure an ideal experience for the users.

Servicing and support

Along with end-user experience and security improvements, Windows 11 introduces enhancements to Microsoft’s servicing approach based on your suggestions and feedback.

Quality updates: Windows 11 and Windows 10 devices will receive regular monthly quality updates to offer security updates and bug fixes.

Feature updates: Microsoft can provide an individual Windows 11 feature update annually, targeted for release in the 2nd 50% of each calendar year.


Home, Pro, Pro for Workstations, and Pro for Education editions of Windows 11 will receive 24 months of support from the general availability date.

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Enterprise and Education editions of Windows 11 will be supported for 36 months from the general availability date.

When Windows 11 reaches general availability, a consolidated Windows 11 update history will be available on, similar to the can be acquired today for Windows 10. Similarly, the Windows release health hub will offer quick access to Windows 11 servicing announcements, known issues, and safeguard holds.



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